Community Outreach Coordinator

The Community Outreach Coordinator is responsible for putting InkBeat on his/her community's radar. This means selling journals, rallying submissions, and organizing InkBeat events at your school.

responsibilities include:


  • Co-organize monthly, district-wide Writers Workshops with Creative Writing Coordinator

  • Co-organize triannual journal launch parties

  • Co-organize one school-wide event/initiative with Director

  • Co-organize December fundraising event


  • Collect student submissions (at least 10/school)

  • Sell magazines to students and family

  • Manage school subscription

We want someone who:

  • is meticulously organized

  • has great attention to detail

  • performs well under pressure

  • has excellent follow-through (does what s/he says s/he will do)

  • is good at meeting deadlines

To apply, please email telling us

  1. your name, school, city, age, and grade

  2. why you are right for the position (including previous experience in similar roles)

  3. three ways you would promote an event where students at your school read their writing to an audience (the more specific, the better)

  4. what you hope to learn from this role