Students will learn how to identify tone, pacing, and voice(s) in literature.

Students will be able to write a poem using word choice, imagery, tone, sound, structure, and form to greater effect.

Students will be able to write an effective, compelling, and dynamic image.

Students will be able to imitate other writers' voices, syntax, and style.

Students will be able to identify the driving question behind a plot, create interesting characters, and outline a story.

Students will be able to give constructive criticism.

Students will be able to revise their writing to make it more effective.


It is one thing to know how to write poetry; it is quite another to feel the urgency that drives the writing of poetry. This course will give students a new appreciation for poetry by giving them hands-on practice with all of the key elements of the craft. Not only will students become more confident and inspired writers, they will also be more capable critical readers. Indeed, there is no better way to grasp text analysis than to put yourself in the shoes of the writer—and that is what this course will do.


Additional Features

Published chapbook of all students’ writing

InkBeat Arts Writing Essentials Certificate

Continued Activities in Beijing Student Arts Community