The Director of your school's InkBeat Collective will help to recruit and manage other members of the Collective, work closely with the Community Outreach Coordinator to promote InkBeat within the school, and work with InkBeat's Director and the Directors of other High School chapters to promote the organization to the wider public, specifically at the annual InkBeat Young Writers and Artists conference.

More than any other committee member, the Director is expected to go above and beyond her/his mandatory responsibilities. The Director is encouraged to conceive and execute unique initiatives that further advance our mission of empowering students’ creativity.

Responsibilities Include:


  • Lead at least one community outreach initiative each semester that engages the wider community (outside of school)

  • Propose and execute at least one idea for a unique event or initiative with Community Outreach Coordinator to promote creative arts at his/her school

  • Organize the December fundraising event with the support of the Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Help to organize the annual InkBeat Young Writers and Artists conference in April

  • Helps organize triannual journal launch parties


  • Have a weekly conference call with InkBeat's Director and the other Collective directors

  • Help recruit other Collective leaders

  • Keep other leaders on task and to deadlines

  • Manages school’s contributions to InkBeat’s social media

  • Submit one piece of creative work/month for the InkBeat Blog

We want someone who:

  • takes initiative

  • is a good leader

  • goes above and beyond

  • is not only self-motivated but is good at motivating others

  • does not let the fear of failure stop you from trying new things

To apply, please email telling us

  1. your name, school, city, age, and grade

  2. why you are right for the position (including previous experience in similar roles)

  3. why you think high school students can benefit from creativity and artistic expression

  4. what you hope to learn from this role