Students will be able to use pencil, paint, and other artistic mediums to tell a story.

Students will be able to identify and create an image, metaphor, stanza, and poetic line.

Students will be able to speak and write about visual elements using figurative language.

Students will be able to represent the same idea using language, visual art, and body movement.

Students will understand the use and meaning of symbols.

Student will be able to revise and edit their work for exhibition and publication.

Students will be able to give their peers constructive feedback for editing their work.


This course will be focused on creating new possibilities for art and writing through a combination of both disciplines. Students will be guided through writing and artistic processes to create a piece of art that combines visual art and written elements.


Students will practice and become well-versed in a variety of forms of artistic expression, as well as communication skills, independent learning, and critical thinking about their own work and that of others.


Teaching Team

Amalya Megerman is a visual artist and teaching consultant at Atlas Education. She studied anthropology, visual arts, and Chinese language and culture at Princeton University, and was awarded the Herbert L. Lucas Award in sculpture upon graduation. While at university, she also wrote and performed poetry with Princeton's Ellipses Slam Team.


Simon Shieh 思茂 is a poet whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in literary journals such as Grist, Kartika Review, CALAMITY, Aztec Literary Review, and others. Simon lives in Beijing, where he is the Director of InkBeat Arts, an organization dedicated to empowering young people through artistic expression, and the Writer in Residence at the International School of Beijing 北京顺义国际学校. Simon is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Spittoon Literary Magazine and Beijing Youth Literary Review 北京青少年文学. He has a BA in Literature and taught for two years at China Foreign Affairs University 外交学院 as a Princeton in Asia fellow.