Why Creative Arts?


Being a good Creative writer is necessary to students' success in school and life.

1. The act of doing something is essential to knowing about it. The hands-on experience that we give students with metaphor, imagery, structure, and other tools will make them far better literary analysts and commentators.

2. Our workshops hone students' ability to use tools that are fundamental to all writing and thinking processes. In becoming better creative writers, students will become better writers of informational- and opinion-based texts as well.

3. Revision is the most important part of writing, but it is also difficult to do without guidance and practice. Our workshops guide students through the revision process, teach them how to revise effectively, and make it fun!

4. The basis of critical thinking lies in the ability to deconstruct metaphors and identify the context that gives them meaning. To write creatively is to move in the opposite direction: to construct metaphors and locate them within a certain context. By teaching students how to use metaphors effectively within a context, we will lay the foundation for being a good critical thinker.

5. Our workshops instill creativity in every student by challenging them to see the world differently. This creativity is not only applicable in creative writing, but to all subjects and careers.

6. Our workshops cultivate students' self-understanding. We guide them towards their passion and show them that they can use their unique voice to change the world.

7. In order to write a believable character, writers have to exercise empathy. By teaching students to inhabit their imaginary characters—good and evil—we will teach them to be more empathetic people.

8. Through peer feedback sessions, students will develop the communication skills necessary to criticize their peers' work without upsetting them.