Students will learn how to identify tone, pacing, and voice(s) in literature.

Students will be able to write a poem using word choice, imagery, tone, sound, structure, and form to greater effect.

Students will be able to write an effective, compelling, and dynamic image.

Students will be able to imitate other writers' voices, syntax, and style.

Students will be able to identify the driving question behind a plot, create interesting characters, and outline a story.

Students will be able to give constructive criticism.

Students will be able to revise their writing to make it more effective.


The Writing Foundations course takes elements from all of our workshop courses and combines them into a single course. This course is meant to introduce the fundamentals of creative writing in any style, and, more importantly, to spark an interest in the activity of reading and writing creatively.


Additional Features

Published chapbook of all students’ writing

InkBeat Arts Writing Essentials Certificate

Continued Activities in Beijing Student Arts Community